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TheSoul... in the news!

Our company, brands, and our executives are making news!

License Global! announced our new line of toys with BunMo, the digital-first toy company. The product includes 5-Minute Crafts and 123 GO! branded fidget, magnet, and sensory toys.

In regards to the news, our VP of Operations, Patrik Wilkens shared, “This is more than just a standard licensing deal. We're also approaching this as a marketing partnership. TheSoul has a massive global reach and the unique ability to create natural, next-level product placements. At the same time, BunMo is an industry leader with extensive experience selling high-quality sensory and fidget toys. By combining our strengths, our partnerships will connect our audience with our merchandise in ways no digital-first content creator has ever done before.”

5-Minute Crafts and 123 GO! branded fidget, magnet, and sensory toys.

As you know, TheSoul is a remote-forward company across 70 countries worldwide! Patrik Wilkens shared advice with others through NASDAQ on how best to help remote workers stay engaged in the post-pandemic world. Drawing on his experience of TheSoul’s company culture, he said, “You must recognize remote workers' accomplishments. Publicly acknowledge outstanding work on your internal messaging platform, and consider establishing a recognition wall for your employees' efforts.”

We hope other companies follow Patrik’s advice, as we’d love to see our Slack-based Kudoswall become a staple at every remote-first organization.

Also, as Denny Alfonso mentions in Worklife, Patrik’s been throwing his support behind Gen-Z and the companies – like TheSoul – that are readily hiring them. In the article, Social media interns aren’t there to fetch you coffee: Why companies are turning to them more for help, Patrik notes that hiring those who are “in touch with the generation that’s driving viral trends is vital for any company that wants to stay ahead of the curve.”

With over 65 million TikTok followers that we built up in a very short period of time, TheSoul is clearly connecting with this generation.

TheSoul Publishing product development team

Patrik also spoke in detail to Benjamin Laker at Forbes about how TheSoul is definitely “ahead of the curve” regarding the changing job market. Highlighting TheSoul’s focus on skills over formal qualifications, Patrik explained, “We’ve had to change how we think about talent and what it means to be qualified for a role.”

As our Vice President of Platform Partnerships, Victor knows the importance of creativity in all aspects of business, especially the huge value our content creation team delivers on a daily basis. Victor notes in an article in Post Magazine, “We recognize and appreciate that [the content creation team’s] ideas have driven TheSoul’s exponential success,” says Victor, “and we want to enhance their content creation further. Their imagination should be the only limit to what they can create.”

TheSoul’s commitment to embracing technological evolution has allowed our content to stay fresh, engaging, and innovative.

As Victor details in this TechRound article, the future of entertainment is also continuously changing. With the rise in demand for free short-form content, other large media companies are looking to emulate TheSoul’s success. Victor describes how, “Entertainment producers across the board will need to take a responsive and flexible approach to retain audiences and meet the demand for more frequent, varied, and free content, which is already pushing more established platforms to up their game."

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