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How TheSoul's Tech Evolution Brings Our Creativity to Life

When we started creating video content just over six years ago, we began filming with the bare essentials. We had only four things in our production toolbox:

  • A single DSLR camera

  • One tripod

  • Two lonely light sources

But, we knew that as long as you’ve got a great idea, that’s all the technology you need to create amazing content.

If it's that simple, you might wonder, “Why does TheSoul always make sure that their production team has the most innovative and up-to-date technology?

Good question. That’s because we recognize (and are incredibly grateful for!) their creative ideas, which have driven TheSoul’s continuous success from day one. We know their ideas continue to grow in size, shape, and ambition, and by investing in new and innovative technologies, we can help enhance our Soulmate’s content creation further than they ever thought possible!

We aim to provide a comfortable and empowering space fueled only by creativity. Forget about the sky being the limit – we truly believe that when it comes to our team, the only restriction to what they can create should be their imagination.

Our super studio in Riga, Latvia, was a big step in our technological evolution. It enabled us to rapidly develop TheSoul’s dedicated music division in more exciting ways than we could ever have planned for!

In those few – but incredibly productive – years since we launched, we’ve gone from recording sounds in toilets and showers to rocking up to our state-of-the-art audio hub and singing our hearts out.

With all these technological changes happening, we still see the same level of great ideas we originally started our content creation journey with, except:

1. Everything runs so much smoother! Better equipment means our team has fewer technical hiccups to solve. Plus, we simplified the content production process with tailored lighting systems and fully movable walls. Blink, and you’ll miss the transition to a new set.

2. Our productivity has skyrocketed as we can create more content in the same amount of time. 6K cameras that allow us to record multiple video formats simultaneously is one of our all-time favorite investments

3. We’re reaching our audience in so many new and exciting ways, ways that have the potential to change the entire landscape of digital content. We’re talking about the metaverse, VR, AR, and all that wonderful stuff. From our metaverse-meets-music launch parties to 360-degree VR videos, the incredibly positive response we’ve received to these new content formats is all the motivation we need to keep on creating!

It's one thing to write about these changes, but it's another to actually see what they mean. Take a moment and experience our tech evolution journey in this video.