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One of the world’s most prolific and popular online media companies, TheSoul Publishing reaches more than 2 billion social media subscribers across the world’s most popular platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snap, TikTok and YouTube. 

Our global based creative team continuously delivers engaging and irresistibly shareable content for all ages — in 21 different languages.

Check out some of our most popular channels:

The most-watched DIY digital brand in the world. 5-Minute Crafts is known around the globe for its positive, fun and quirky DIY crafts. Videos on this channel are sure to inspire and ignite the creative sparks within all of us!
  • 300M+ YouTube combined subscribers

  • 6th largest Facebook page worldwide by followers

  • 55M+ Instagram subscribers

  • 20M+ TikTok combined followers

  • 5-Minute Crafts on YouTube
  • 5-Minute Crafts on TikTok
  • 5-Minute Crafts on Instagram
  • 5-Minute Crafts on Facebook
  • 5-Minute Crafts on Snapchat
  • 5-Minute Crafts on Pinterest
Featuring easy makeup and fashion hacks, lighthearted pranks and funny observations. 123 GO! delivers entertaining and positive videos about everything trending right now.
  • 180M+ cross-platform subscribers 

  • 100B+ minutes viewed on YouTube in 2021

  • 1B+ views on TikTok in 2021

  • Ресурс 2l
  • Ресурс 4l
  • Ресурс 5l
  • Ресурс 7l
Have you ever seen a talking slime? Well, meet Slick Slime Sam! He is pink, he is hilarious, and he is ready to help with your latest DIY or life hack project.
  • 40M+ YouTube combined subscribers

  • 500M+ monthly views on YouTube

  • 2B+ minutes watched on YouTube every month

  • Slick Slime Sam on YouTube
  • Slick Slime Sam on Facebook
  • Slick Slime Sam on TikTok
Featuring engaging narrated videos that showcase travel and exploration, self-improvement, gadgets, riddles and pop-culture
  • 180M+ cross-platform subscribers 

  • 100B+ minutes viewed on YouTube in 2021

  • 1B+ views on TikTok in 2021

  • Bright Side on YouTube
  • Bright Side on Facebook
  • Bright Side on Instagram
  • Bright Side on TikTok
  • Bright Side on Pinterest
  • Bright Side on Snapchat
High school can make you laugh, cry and cringe, all in one day! Teen-Z uses creative  animation to tell funny stories about students as they fall in love, make friends, and get into plenty of awkward situations!
  • 7B+ minutes viewed on YouTube in 2021

  • 1B+ views on YouTube in  2021

  • 5M+ cross-platform subscribers

  • Teen-Z on YouTube
  • Teen-Z on TikTok
Ava & Cado are our favorite animated couple and they want to share the fun with you! Their romantic adventures are sometimes awkward, sometimes spicy, and always hilarious.
  • 20M+ cross-platform subscribers 

  • 1B+ views on YouTube in 2021

  • Avocado Couple on YouTube
  • Avocado Couple on TikTok
Life is full of ups and downs, but at La La Life, we choose to focus on the bright side. Our positive and uplifting videos cover a wide range of relatable topics, from teen struggles to life hacks and everything in between. So why not join us, and let's spread some joy together?!
  • 25B+ minutes viewed on YouTube in 2021

  • 5B+ views on YouTube in 2021

  • 50M+ monthly views on TikTok

  • La La Life on YouTube
  • La La Life on TikTok
  • La La Life on Instagram
  • La La Life on Snapchat
Слой 46.png
What unites a cat, a hedgehog, a koala, and a rhino? Friendship, cheerful songs, and edutaining stories! Our baby animals sing viewers lessons about everything from crossing the road, to the colors of the rainbow, to counting to ten!
  • 3.5M+ subscribers on YouTube

  • 200M+ average monthly views on YouTube

  • 350M+ minutes viewed on YouTube every month

  • Baby Zoo Youtube Link
Even the complicated can be made simple! We inspire people all over the globe to try complicated crafts and find new hobbies.
  • 2M+ subscribers on YouTube

  • 20M+ monthly views on YouTube 

  • 100M+ lifetime views on TikTok

  • 5-Year Crafts on YouTube
  • 5-Year Crafts on TikTok
  • 5-Year Crafts on Instagram
  • 5-Year Crafts on Facebook
  • 5-Year Crafts on Snapchat
  • 5-Year Crafts on Pinterest
Слой 9.png
A new pop superstar has arrived! Polar is a fresh voice who celebrates teenage rebellion and speaks directly to Gen Z. There is a feeling of freedom and individuality in each of her songs and dance routines. Fans gravitate to her mysterious masked persona, unique style, and contagious dance moves.
  • 1.6M+ followers on TikTok

  • Attracts 10k+ followers a day

  • Spotify
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • TikTok
  • Apple Music
Short, funny, and humorous videos on a variety of topics! If you like magic tricks, pranks, life hacks, challenges, ASMR, and much more — join us!
  • 8M+ subscribers on YouTube

  • 1B+ monthly views on YouTube 

  • In rank among TOP 20 YouTube channels worldwide this year

  • SMOL on YouTube
  • SMOL on TikTok
  • SMOL on Instagram
  • SMOL on Facebook
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