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5-Year Crafts



We're expanding our reach and seeking remote partners to help create engaging content that delights our global audience on channels like:

Benefits of working with us:

Stable earnings

Fully remote collaboration

Insights and tips from our experts

Check out 5-Minute Crafts for inspiration.


We love all types of DIY projects! Whether it's crafts involving makeup, jewelry, gardening, or anything else: creativity is key!

Get inspired by 5-Year Crafts and Wood Mood.

Hard Crafts

We're especially interested in videos that showcase the construction of complex items using solid materials like pallets, car wheels, epoxy, and metal, as well as wood and recyclable objects such as old bathtubs, ovens, or washing machines.

Acting Videos

DIY Videos

Get familiar with the format by exploring One More and SKITS.

YouTube Shorts

From taking on exciting challenges to following the latest trends, we're open to different kinds of content in short format: capturing everyday moments, doing funny pranks, or sharing clever tricks. 

Watch examples on Cool Tool WOW.

Horizontal Videos

We're searching for creators who can bring joy and creativity through acting videos. Whether it's trying out cool gadgets, testing life hacks, or just making viewers laugh with funny scenes, you’re exactly who we need!

What types of content are we interested in?

  • Ideas and scripts are provided by TheSoul Publishing's professional team, but we’re always excited to hear your ideas too! Please note that all required resources for filming should be provided by you.

  • You can work in one or more categories from the 4 listed above. It all depends on your capabilities.

  • The exact number of videos will depend on the format you choose. We can discuss specific volumes after the test task submission.

  • We value getting a clear picture of your technical abilities and resource availability right from the outset. This initial insight is important for a smooth collaboration.

  • No, your test content won't be published. Feel free to include watermarks to protect your work.

    However, if our team approves the test video and we're set to publish it, we're ready to offer payment as a bonus when finalizing the content production agreement with you.

  • Budget discussions are tailored to each partner with considerations for video complexity. The details can be discussed during the call with our Partner Relations team.

  • You will have 10 working days (2 weeks) to create your test video.


Fill in the application form

Receive an email with a test task

Complete and send us your test task

Become a regular provider of TheSoul Publishing content

Let's cooperate!

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