Forbes: 'Digital Video Consumption Has Seen A Huge Increase Amid The Pandemic...'

Forbes discusses rising consumer viewership trends, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, with the COO of TheSoul Publishing, Arthur Mamedov. Among the topics explored in the interview include a look at fast-evolving viewer dynamics, refining a global content production flow, and empowering a remote team located across 70 countries.

Digital Video Consumption Has Seen A Huge Increase Amid The Pandemic, Now Content Creators Have To Find New Ways To Keep Up

By: Gary Drenik

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused consumer behaviors to shift in a variety of ways, and some of the most notable changes can be seen in the content they consume and the way they shop. These shifts have had a profound effect on the digital media ecosystem, resulting in the need for brands to uproot their advertising strategies and content creators to overcome hurdles associated with remote work to meet consumers where they are.

To get a deeper understanding of how content creators have been navigating these new demands, I spoke with Arthur Mamedov, COO of TheSoul Publishing, an independent digital studio that produces enjoyable, informative and inspiring original content for a global audience. Arthur spearheads the company’s audience acquisition and platform partner strategies, helping to secure TheSoul Publishing’s position as a top-four media company by global reach across Facebook and YouTube, and leading brands like Mattel and PlayDoh to turn to TheSoul Publishing for its creative chops and content distribution.

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