TheSoul Publishing

An independent digital studio that produces entertaining, positive and original content for a global audience.

One of the world’s most prolific and popular online media companies, TheSoul Publishing reaches hundreds of millions of Facebook followers and YouTube subscribers.

Our global based creative team continuously delivers engaging and irresistibly shareable content for all ages — in 19 different languages — distributed via a social media-driven cross-platform network.

From handy life-hacks to clever craft projects, from head-turning beauty tips to brain-twisting puzzles, TheSoul Publishing’s portfolio of media brands emphasize the positive, the practical, and the purely entertaining. 

TheSoul Publishing’s universe of well-known channels, including 5-Minute Crafts, Bright Side, 7-Second Riddles, 123 Go!, Avocado Couple, Frankenfood, Slick Slime Sam and Doodland, satisfy our viewers’ curiosity on a vast array of topics through a combination of live-action video, vibrant digital animation, and family-friendly stop-motion.  

Our Channels


 Among our most popular brands…


Facebook pages with more than 350M

combined  followers


original videos produced monthly


YouTube channels with more than 500M

combined subscribers


Instagram combined followers

We are

strong in numbers



Content localized in 

Our international content team consists of editors, licensing professionals, writers, fact-checkers, proofreaders, translators, community managers, researchers, animators, photographers, narrators, videographers, actors and models — all of whom work tirelessly producing the positive and inspiring articles, photos, videos and animations that fuel our many social media channels and websites.


We are

global and 


We are

global and 


TheSoul Publishing has team members located on all the inhabited continents!

In just the past year, our team has grown by more than 100 people!

We are

always on the lookout for new team members!

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