TheSoul Publishing Shares UK Online Viewing Trends in 2020

TheSoul Publishing shares findings on how COVID-19 continues to change viewer habits. TheSoul Publishing surveyed more than 2,000 men and women aged 16–55+, across the United Kingdom, to understand how the pandemic has altered viewing habits and preferences for digital content in 2020.

Short-online video (content under 10 minutes) consumption trends in the UK:

  • More than half of consumers in the UK (52%) spent between 30 minutes to three hours watching short online video content every day.

  • 76% of consumers agree that fun and positive online video content will become an even more important and popular source of entertainment in the future

  • Why consumers are turning to positive online video: 26% to improve their mood 27% said they watch for inspiration for ideas and projects 17% to escape from the news of the day

  • 82% of audiences reported spending more or the same amount of time watching short-form videos during the pandemic than before, with many using these quick videos to help them adjust to and cope with disruptions to everyday life. The following categories were the most popular: o Music videos (26%) o Comedy (26%) o Cooking/baking (22%) o DIY or crafting videos (18%)

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