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New Head of Content Distribution Partnerships at TheSoul Publishing

TheSoul Publishing welcomes Francesco Miceli, our new Head of Content Distribution Partnerships. Previously, he spent 15 years at Google.

As part of our Platform Partnerships team at TheSoul Publishing Francesco will further shape our distribution strategy with our incredible social media platform partners.

At Google, Francesco started on the advertising side with Google Ads and then moved to YouTube Content Partnerships, working with the top EMEA creators, content producers / distributors to grow their presence globally. Among his achievements, Francesco led the successful launch in multiple markets of YouTube Kids, a tailored YouTube product targeted towards families. Francesco brings incredibly valuable experience as TheSoul continues its expansion into new platforms and content verticals.

He speaks four languages and has lived in various countries around Europe as well as Australia and Japan. Francesco is also an avid foosball player and fan.

Welcome to the team Francesco!