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Google Shares the Bright Side!

Bright Side - Driving hacks content

With Earth Day 2023 upon us, TheSoul Publishing is thrilled to share that one of our engaging Bright Side videos, titled "10 Driving Hacks That'll Make You Spend Less On Gas," has been selected to be featured on Google's new sustainability website. The video offers practical tips and advice on driving efficiently, saving fuel, and reducing carbon emissions.

Google's recently launched sustainability trends site highlights trending global sustainability actions in search and provides relevant, informative content for users. By featuring embedded YouTube videos and calls to action, the website features ways users can make sustainable choices in their everyday lives.

This feature also demonstrates TheSoul Publishing's small role in showcasing sustainable practices and behaviors, fostering environmental awareness and eco-friendly habits.

Having a Bright Side video included in such an important message is a great honor, and is another sustainability-content related milestone for TheSoul. This focus is also evident by our global hit social channels across multiple platforms, such as 5-Minute Recycle and 5-Minute Green.

These popular shows have generated billions of views, offering fun and educational videos on recycling, gardening, and upcycling. By providing this engaging content, we helped our audiences make sustainable choices and embrace unique eco-friendly behaviors.


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