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A 'Bright' idea headed to gaming consoles!

TheSoul Publishing partners with Qubic Games

Here is Question #1....

Can you name the global sensation headed to Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony consoles?

If you guessed Bright Side you are already a winner! TheSoul Publishing is delighted to announce our partnership with QubicGames, a leading European video game developer and publisher.

As a result of this collaboration, two new quiz games inspired by Bright Side, the global hit from TheSoul Publishing known for its inspiring, edutainment content with tens of millions of followers, will be launched on the Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony consoles, and Steam.

Together, we're launching a unique experience blending education and entertainment in the form of quiz games inspired by our beloved channel. Known for its premium indie titles, QubicGames will lead the game development and publishing.

With our aim to entertain, inspire and engage, the games Bright Side Riddles & Puzzles and Bright Side Quizzes are set to stimulate players' general knowledge, drawing from Bright Side's enriching and entertaining content.

The games, Bright Side Riddles & Puzzles launch this summer and Bright Side Quizzes is planned for a Christmas release, are rooted in the hugely popular quiz genre. Both games will give players a chance to test their general knowledge learned from Bright Side’s catalog of insightful videos.

Key features of the new games include:

  • Challenge yourself - Answer a number of general knowledge questions after watching BrightSide’s videos.

  • Challenge your friends - Go head to head with up to four of your friends and family by inviting them through local multiplayer mode.

  • Grow your knowledge - Every quiz is an opportunity to discover something new, as you grow your own general knowledge thanks to Bright Sides hugely popular videos.

  • Go beyond the game - Explore a host of additional content by accessing the Brightside channel app directly from the game to expand and enhance your edutainment experience.

"We are thrilled about this exciting collaboration with QubicGames," said Patrik Wilkens, our Vice President of Operations at TheSoul Publishing. "This partnership represents another step forward in our mission to inspire curiosity and spread positivity worldwide across new and exciting platforms. Through these games, we are eager to extend the engaging, informative content of Bright Side, enriching the edutainment experience for our global audience.”

With plans to extend the games' availability to other platforms including mobile (iOS and Android) post-launch, we're keen to ensure more fans worldwide can enjoy this one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

So, keep your eyes peeled for more updates and ready yourselves to test your knowledge with Bright Side quiz games, soon to hit Nintendo Switch!


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