A 'Boost' for TheSoul Publishing Academy!

You often hear us say that we are a fast-moving, constantly evolving digital studio. Audiences are treated to our content which utilizes the latest production techniques and always feels a step ahead of the latest social media trends. Equally important, however, is behind the scenes at TheSoul Publishing where we continue to focus on providing the right tools and offering the best experience for our remote team spread across 70 countries.

Earlier this year, we announced the launch of TheSoul Boost. And this week, as part of that initiative, we introduced TheSoul Publishing Academy 2.0, an online resource of fresh educational materials. It is an online platform to improve one's knowledge and offers an environment for self-learning. This refreshed program offers...

  • Planning and implementing competency development activities for future growth within the company

  • A library of materials from the world’s top experts and unique courses from our own internal leaders

  • Individual learning programs allowing curiosity to lead to new areas to explore

  • Group training opportunities

We launched with 800 educational units including courses, articles, and videos....and we don’t intend to stop there!

TheSoul Publishing values and encourages educational development to enhance one's career path, to sharpen one's creative skills and prepare for managerial roles.

With various exciting global positions now open, we encourage you to apply to join TheSoul Publishing team by checking out our career page!