TheSoul Boost!

Recently, our global head of HR, Aleksandra Sulimko spoke to managing a remote-first global team and the importance of well-being, empowerment and career development at TheSoul Publishing.

TheSoul Publishing values and encourages educational development to enhance one's career path, to sharpen one's creative skills and, through mentorship programs, prepare for managerial roles. TheSoul Boost is a newly enhanced internal initiative that is a key focus for 2021 -- offering our highly creative global team multiple opportunities for learning, growth, and development. This internal education community, for those who are interested in expanding their potential, offers access to a team of experts who share their valuable experience and own creativity success.

TheSoul Boost focuses on the following areas (each area offers different options for team development at various levels): Professional Skills and Soft Skills – We offer additional training through production focused courses (for actors and camera operators, animators and illustrators, supervisors and producers, etc.), professional mentoring program, master classes, seminars, conferences and training sessions, all combined with professional evaluation and feedback.

Management Skills – this is modular training for managers who are just starting out on their managerial career path, on the basics on managerial work cycle, and on future managerial mentoring.

Leadership Skills – We take an individual approach to support and encourage leadership growth through business schools, coaching, seminars, conferences, and contact with professional communities.

And as a reminder.... with various global positions now open, we encourage you to apply to join TheSoul Publishing team by checking out our career page!