5-Minute Crafts is Coming to VHS!!

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5-Minute Crafts Celebrates

5th Anniversary With VHS Boxed Set

TheSoul Publishing, the studio behind the hit online channel, celebrates 5-Minute Crafts’

“wood” anniversary with a strategic expansion to VHS

New York, NY (April 1, 2021) – One of TheSoul Publishing’s top channels, and the most-watched DIY digital brand in the world, 5-Minute Crafts is celebrating its fifth anniversary with the release of a collectible VHS boxed set. The five video cassettes will showcase the best of 5-Minute Crafts’ acclaimed DIY projects including ”Simple camping ideas for your awesome time in the wild”, “Easy growing plant hacks for your inner gardener” and 2020 crowd favorite “Golden butterfly made from bolt & nut.” The boxed set will be available in 19 languages.

“TheSoul Publishing is a forward thinking content creator always on the lookout for new content and viewership trends. Our research department used state-of-the-art data forecasting models and their conclusions were definitive: VHS distribution is the next big opportunity for digital media studios,” said Victor Potrel, TheSoul Publishing’s VP of Platform Partnerships. “5-Minute Crafts has been busy creating fun and light-hearted content for a cross-platform audience for the last five years and with this launch we further cement the brand position as the most innovative and #1 digital DIY brand.”

Since its inception in April 2016 with a video on painting flower pots, TheSoul Publishing’s 5-Minute Crafts’ popularity has enabled the brand to secure its spot as the number one DIY channel across the world with more than 200 million followers across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and Snap. This pivot to VHS will ensure continuing viewership growth for the brand across a key consumer segment. A VHS boxed set for one of TheSoul’s other most popular channels, Brightside, is already in the works and planned for release in Q3 2021.

About TheSoul Publishing

TheSoul Publishing is an independent digital studio that produces entertaining, positive and original content for a global audience. One of the world's most prolific and popular online media companies, TheSoul Publishing reaches hundreds of millions of Facebook followers and YouTube subscribers. Their globally based creative team continuously and consistently delivers engaging and irresistibly shareable content for all ages — in 19 different languages — distributed via a social media-driven cross-platform network.

From handy life-hacks to clever craft projects, from head-turning beauty tips to brain-twisting puzzles, TheSoul Publishing’s portfolio of media brands emphasize the positive, the practical, and the purely entertaining. Their most-viewed channel, 5-Minute Crafts, is the No. 1 DIY digital brand in the world and ranks among the Top-10 of all YouTube channels.

TheSoul Publishing’s universe of well-known channels, including Bright Side, 123 GO!, Avocado Couple, La La Life, Slick Slime Sam and Teen-Z, satisfy their viewers’ curiosity on a vast array of topics through a combination of live-action video, vibrant digital animation, and family-friendly stop-motion.

Current initiatives include expansion across additional social media and streaming platforms — such as TikTok, Instagram, Snap, Roku, Amazon Prime and Chinese platforms including Xigua, Douyin and Bilibili — as well as continued growth of their extraordinary global production team, to provide their fans more of the content they crave and love.

TheSoul Publishing has garnered numerous accolades including a 2021 Digiday Video & TV Award (Digital Studio of the Year), a 2020 Streamy Award nomination (Best Brand Engagement), a pair of 2021 Shorty Award nominations (Best YouTube presence, Best Community Engagement), multiple Cynopsis Digital Model D Awards (Best Digital Consumer Brand - TheSoul Publishing, Best YouTube Channel - 5-Minute Crafts) and nominations (Best Branded Content Marketing), a Media Excellence Award (Excellence in Original Content); and is a MarCom multi-platinum award winner (Best Social Campaign, Viral Marketing Campaign).


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