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What the Gaming Industry Can Learn From Digital Publishers

TheSoul Publishing's Patrik Wilkens spoke with Mobile Marketing Magazine about what the gaming industry can learn from digital publishers. Patrik offers a unique perspective on similar trends, differences, and the continued crossover of these key areas of digital entertainment.

Mobile Marketing: What are the similarities between digital publishing and the gaming industry?

Patrik Wilkens: In terms of what we've seen of games and what we’ve seen of social media, there’s a definite overlap. You see gaming companies providing these massive multiplayer online environments, which other digital-first companies produce content for. So you have concerts happening in Fortnite for example, you have video viewings in some of the other MMO areas and it makes a lot of sense as our target audience is the same. The goal is the same.

Mobile Marketing: How important is 'fandom' to game developers and content publishers when developing a lasting franchise?

Patrik Wilkens: The new definition of fandom would be retention - people sticking to a particular brand or sticking to a particular channel over a period of time, as opposed to jumping between the next trend or the next fad. So when you talk about keeping users or keeping fans within your ecosystem I think one thing that is important for every kind of company is to be able to offer tailor-made experiences across the different demographics and geographics.

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