We're Animated About Animation at TheSoul

Anton Mardakin, the head of TheSoul Publishing’s Visual & Sound Design department, shares some insight on his role and the exciting animated projects his team is actively working on. Anton oversees the department alongside Konstantin Gusev. Enjoy this look at animation at TheSoul Publishing!

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One of TheSoul Publishing’s most exciting areas is our visual and sound design department. Currently, across the studio, we’re working on more than a dozen animation projects with several levels of complexity. Our most well-known animated brands are Avocado Couple, Teen-Z, Stickman and Bright Side. We are also really excited about our super-complex 3D animation projects like Doods and Neon.

The visual and sound design department has hundreds of team members encompassing illustrators, story boarders, riggers, animators, modelers, and composers. Each of them plays an integral part of the team, contributing to the creativity, and the overall look of TheSoul Publishing’s highly impressive animation content.

Creating high quality animation is no easy task. It takes a great deal of organization and coordination across every level to achieve continuous excellent results. At TheSoul, project producers play the main role. They create a comfortable creative environment for the team to collaborate successfully, choose the best scripts, and fully dedicate themselves to the success of the project.

We are constantly developing and exploring new technologies. Every day our work becomes more complex and interesting -- with the goal being that each new project is a further step into a new and exciting future for us and for the viewers.

Actually, the most challenging and daring projects tend to be our favorites. Neon, one of the newest channel’s from TheSoul Publishing, is a great example as it has pushed us to animate in even higher quality than the previous year.

The visual and sound design department works 95% remotely. One team member might be just off the beach in a warm city, while another travels between various global locations -- but both are delivering equally impressive results and enjoying a creative, versatile work / life balance. Our experience tells us that we remain at least equally efficient working ‘out of an office’ as we do working in one. For those who prefer a more consistent work environment, we offer internships in our comfortable offices and training with the top specialists on our team.

Creating animation for TheSoul Publishing is not only a job for our team members, but a true passion. We try to provide the best creative conditions for the implementation of new ideas, self-realization, and development of our employees. Everyone in our department has a voice and are encouraged to share their own ideas of how to improve any stage of the production process. We really appreciate the constant flow of feedback.

I am always amazed to watch the final video and to understand that dozens of people, around the world worked on it. Each team member is a unique individual, with their own views and values, but they are united by two things: love for the work and love for the profession.

In summary:

  • Our team is constantly evolving and learning new things.

  • We are ready to amaze and make the best content in the world.

  • And we are ready to take on any challenge in the animation genre!

TheSoul Publishing animation channels, Avocado Couple, Teen-Z & Neon
TheSoul Publishing channel, Stickman
TheSoul Publishing channel, Doods

Check out some of TheSoul Publishing's animated video content below!


Avocado Couple