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Variety: 'TheSoul Publishing Dominating in Viewership for Newly-Launched YouTube Shorts'

High five to the TheSoul Publishing team! Variety celebrates 5 years of 5-Minute Crafts, TheSoul Publishing's global phenomenon whose main YouTube channel alone boasts 74+ million subscribers and has amassed more than 1.7 billion hours watched and 21 billion views.

The popularity of this colorful brand now extends to YouTube Shorts with our DIY content among the most popular on this fast-growing short-form video experience.

Rollo Goldstaub of YouTube content partnerships shared with Variety: “The upward trajectory of TheSoul Publishing is just so exciting — but what’s even more inspiring is to see the various ways they continue to innovate through new product features like YouTube Shorts. With YouTube Shorts, creators like TheSoul Publishing can try a new form of creative expression to reach their fans, adding yet another way to continue to build their incredible global business through their YouTube channel.”
“TheSoul Publishing has enjoyed a strong partnership with YouTube over the years, and as such we’re proud to play a part in helping make YouTube Shorts a success,” said Victor Potrel, vice president of platform partnerships at TheSoul Publishing. “We’re always identifying new features and formats to delight our viewers, and right now short-form content is performing especially well across our portfolio.”

Happy Birthday 5-Minute Crafts!

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