TVTechnology Q&A with Arthur Mamedov, COO of TheSoul Publishing

TVTechnology presents a Q&A with the COO of TheSoul Publishing, Arthur Mamedov highlighting "the challenges that must be overcome when so many work remotely and the strategies the company has pursued to find success."

TV Technology shares:

"With a new wave of the pandemic prompting government officials to talk about or actually implement new mandatory lockdowns, it seemed appropriate to speak to a successful media company that’s built its creative side on the foundation of remote workflows. TheSoul Publishing is one such company.
The independent digital studio produces original video content for its channels, some of which, like 5-Minute Crafts, are among the most popular channels on YouTube. It reaches hundreds of millions of Facebook followers and YouTube subscribers with content produced by some 1,500 people—about 1,200 of which worked from home before the pandemic."

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