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TheSoul's Plex Flex!

Thrilled to announce our latest partnership! 🤝 TheSoul Publishing is teaming up with Plex, the free global streaming media platform. 🌍 This collaboration brings our popular brands to Plex's audience in 180+ countries, including:

🔧 5-Minute Crafts: The ultimate DIY brand with over 400M social media subscribers worldwide.

🎉 Ideas En 5 Minutos: Spanish version of 5-Minute Crafts, catering to Spanish-speaking audiences.

😄 123 GO!: Known for relatable content, from life hacks to fun challenges and pranks.

Jonathan Shrank, Head of Content Distribution at TheSoul Publishing, shared:

"As a free global streaming media platform, Plex offers a seamless blend of live TV streaming, ad-supported video on demand, and music, making it the ideal partner to expand our reach. We are thrilled to bring our dynamic channels to Plex, enhancing their already comprehensive entertainment offering and leveraging our significant social media presence for co-promotional and marketing campaigns."

Shawn Eldridge, Vice President of Business Development and Content at Plex, added:

"We're excited to welcome TheSoul Publishing to our platform and expand our offerings to new audiences across the world. Their engaging, family-friendly channels will undoubtedly resonate with our viewers, and we look forward to working together on co-promotional activities to further enhance the user experience."

With a reach of over two billion social media subscribers, TheSoul Publishing continues to redefine entertainment through accessible, positive and engaging content. 🌟


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