The 'Stickiness' of Pinterest

As audience interest in Pinterest continues to grow, TheSoul Publishing's Michael Boccacino speaks to the relationship between brands and this popular social platform.

Pinterest has had something of a resurgence when it comes to audience interest, with video views up 240% year-on-year. With a shift towards crafting, DIY and upcycling during lockdown, the ability to create virtual mood boards sets Pinterest apart from rivals, acting not just as a social platform but as a practical creative tool. 
For brands, this offers a “stickiness” to content not available on other channels, where trending content burns bright and fast.  
As a company which owns the largest DIY channel on YouTube, 5-Minute Crafts, Pinterest presented a natural expansion opportunity for TheSoul Publishing during the first half of 2020. Pinterest plays a key role in the TheSoul Publishing’s social media toolkit.

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