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'Tech Talks' Podcast Welcomes Creator Economy Experts

Victor Potrel, VP of Content Distribution at TheSoul Publishing, and Reza Izad, Co-Founder of Underscore Talent, share their insights of the crossroads of creators, platforms, and consumers, drawing from their extensive experience in the fast-evolving creator economy.

With a combined 30 years of expertise, a portfolio spanning 2+ billion social media subscribers, and representation of over 200 digital-first talents, they offer a comprehensive understanding of the creator economy's intricacies.

They discuss amplifying creators' voices, adapting to platforms, and navigating the attention economy. Highlighting platform diversification and strategic navigation, they delve into monetization strategies and analyze the ongoing rivalry among YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, while underscoring the importance of supporting the growing creator economy. Their wisdom provides invaluable guidance for aspiring creators and enthusiasts seeking to navigate and succeed in this complex industry.

Victor & Reza sit down with Neil C. Hughes for an engaging conversation. Please find this 'Tech Talks Podcast' episode here


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