Positive Content Consumption will Continue to Thrive

Victor Potrel, Vice President of Platform Partnerships at TheSoul Publishing, is talking about the power of positivity in your content strategy in his latest thought leadership piece in New Digital Age:

"...When looking at entertainment content, it’s clear that consumers needa break from anoften gloomy day–to–day news backdrop. According to our recent research, sampling more than two thousand British residents who watch short online video content, this effect is only growing, with 76% of UK consumers agreeing that fun and positive online video content will become an even more popular source of entertainment in the coming year.Comedy videos are a great example of this. A third of Brits (35%) believe that comedy videos will show the fastest growth in popularity in 2021, followed by music videos, at 28%."
"Overall, it’s clear that watching [positive] content is a form of escapism, with the potential to elevate our mood.... Positive content can be the perfect distraction people need. Even if it does not replace the real experience, consumers want to feel a rush of comfort and happiness..."

Check out the full piece, Positive Content Consumption will Continue to Thrive now on New Digital Age.