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Leaders from TheSoul Take the Stage

This past week, leaders from TheSoul were welcomed to the stage in different corners of the globe.

In London, Jessica Massengo, TheSoul’s Content Distribution Partnerships Lead, was a guest speaker at SocialDay 2024.

During her session, “Leveraging Niche Content in Social Media,” Jessica discussed how niche content doesn’t necessarily have to be synonymous with a small audience and how the goal of creators shouldn’t be to achieve mass appeal but rather to target an engaged audience.

Jessica went on to share her valuable insights on niche content strategies, including how to stand out from the crowd as well as how to keep content fresh and relevant.

SocialDay is the premiere event for social media professionals, with the goal of providing the most current and impactful information to help them excel in their roles.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, TheSoul's VP of Business Development, Patrik Wilkens was a guest at CreatorWeek 2024.

Led by creator economy expert, Jim Louderback, Patrik joined Alias founder Reggie Ba-Pe and Kobe CEO Evangeline Leong for a panel discussion on virtual creators and experiences. The session explored the platforms, developments, experiences and technology needed to bring new characters to life - from cutting-edge animation to real-time interaction. Plus, insights on how virtual identities and gamification will change entertainment, community building, and personal expression - and will soon be available to anyone.

Of course, Patrik highlighted the virtual pop star, Polar -- who has amassed 7 million followers across YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, named Metaverse person of the year 2023, and has collaborated with Jason Derulo and the XO Team.

Great job Patrik and Jessica!


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