iBest Finalist in Brazil!

Congrats to TheSoul Publishing team! With 60 million YouTube and Facebook followers, our popular brands Incrível and Ideias Incríveis were just announced as finalists of the iBest prize which celebrates the “best of the best” around the web in Brazil. Help us take home the top prize in each category.... links to vote for each are found below!


(Nomination: Culture & Curiosities)

**Click here to vote for Incrível**

Ideias Incríveis

(Nomination: Decor & Organization) **Click here to vote for Ideias Incríveis**

About the iBest Awards

For decades, the iBest Award was the biggest internet award in Brazil. From 1996 to 2008 it was the compass for recognizing the best pioneering initiatives on the internet, and with millions of voters, it was then considered the largest award of its kind worldwide and boosted the first national web projects, revealing the companies that became leaders in the country's early internet decade. Based on this successful initiative from the past, it was relaunched to point out the best in the digital universe, considering its unified presence on the various platforms that comprise it, in particular: websites, apps and social networks such as Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin , Twitcher and Twitter.