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HR Morning: Can a no meeting policy work for you?

How does a company with a team of 2000 lead the digital video content space without having meetings? TheSoul Publishing's Aleksandra Sulimko connected with HR Morning to share details of this unconventional approach.

“While meetings can be productive in some cases, many companies have piled on meeting after meeting since shifting to a remote model to make sure employees stay connected – and many of these can be counter-productive, or exhausting. What we’ve learned is that forcing facetime doesn’t equate to productivity, and scheduling hours of meetings can actually be detrimental. With this in mind, our team at TheSoul Publishing decided to shift to a “no meetings” policy.
We use cutting-edge project management tools that allow for communications specific to each project. It’s extremely efficient and takes the potential for miscommunications out of the equation. By eliminating meetings, we’ve seen a major uptick in productivity, better collaboration, and generally, an improved employee experience."

Find the full article, Can a no meeting policy work for you? here

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