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'Bright Side Riddles & Puzzles' Game Launches on Major Gaming Platforms

After much anticipation, we are delighted to announce the official release of 'Bright Side Riddles & Puzzles' on the major gaming platforms including Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox, Steam and PlayStation 4.

Players are able to experience a distinctive fusion of education and entertainment through this interactive game, which draws heavily from the uplifting and enlightening content of TheSoul Publishing’s highly acclaimed Bright Side channel. The channel currently boasts more than 270 million followers across its social media platforms and generates a staggering 114 billion views.

The game pairs our vast, engaging and positive content from the Bright Side channel with QubicGames' renowned reputation for developing and publishing standout indie titles. Players will have the chance to delve into a fresh and engaging gaming experience that not only entertains but educates, showcasing the vast array of interesting and engaging facts and general knowledge that Bright Side is celebrated for.

The game allows the ability to:

  • Challenge yourself - Answer a number of general knowledge questions while watching Bright Side’s informative and entertaining videos.

  • Challenge your friends - Go head-to-head with up to four of your friends and family by inviting them through local multiplayer mode.

  • Grow your knowledge - Your general knowledge will grow as every quiz is an opportunity to discover and learn something new.

'Bright Side Riddles & Puzzles' marks TheSoul's first video game release.


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