ASMR: The Sound of Growth

ClickZ shares an interesting story by TheSoul Publishing's Victor Potrel on the intersection of the soothing video content trend of ASMR and brand marketing.

  • Victor shares, "The social fascination behind ASMR has staying power, and the category will remain appealing for brands long after the current crisis has passed. Even before the pandemic took hold, we’ve seen Gen-Z viewers continue to consume content across social platforms focusing on stress reduction, which is one of the key selling points for ASMR.

  • Recently, the Association of National Advertisers reported that 92% percent of marketers are readjusting their messaging to reflect the cultural moment and sensitivities surrounding the health crisis. Brands are starting to pivot, seeing that right now, consumers in isolation are seeking reassuring and empathetic content that helps them weather the storm. ASMR is proving to be that type of content, and as videos continue to rack up millions of views on YouTube, ad dollars are starting to follow."

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