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Adweek Shares Results of TheSoul Publishing's U.S. Viewer Trend Survey 

Adweek shared findings from our recent survey across the U.S. on surging viewer interest in feel-good short-form content this year. Our survey shows that 69% of U.S. consumers spend 30 minutes to three hours a day watching these types of videos -- "proving to be an effective mood booster and digital distraction."

Short-form content, which is less than 10 minutes long, has proven to be an effective mood booster and digital distraction: 69% of U.S. consumers spend 30 minutes to three hours watching these videos each day, according to a study by media company TheSoul Publishing.
“It’s interesting to see that it’s not just any short-form video that’s resonating with the American audience right now. It’s really positive content that has taken the spotlight, becoming the popular form of escapism and a welcome source of entertainment,” Victor Potrel, vp of platform partnerships at TheSoul Publishing, said.
People don’t view these videos as a guilty pleasure, but as a necessary part of their wellness routines. According to TheSoul, more than one in three Americans consider consuming this content to be a healthy part of their lifestyles.
This trend is reflected in the recent success of TheSoul’s most popular platform, 5-Minute Crafts, a DIY-style YouTube channel that offers everything from wacky prank ideas, unique dessert recipes and “life hacks” that reveal hidden uses for everyday items.

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Consumers Are Obsessed With Feel-Good Short-Form Content Right Now