Adweek: Positivity Will Be the Buzzword on Social Platforms

TheSoul Publishing's Director of Content Partnerships, Michael Boccacino wrote a piece for Adweek on the growing trend towards positivity across social media.

"...These social platforms have captured the attention of global audiences by being able to consistently deliver light-hearted and organic content that provides relief from a chaotic news cycle. As viewing habits continue to evolve, positivity will be key, and programming that embraces this behavioral shift will win the day.
As platforms continue to jockey for consumer mindshare, cultivating a positive online environment can facilitate deepening trust between platforms and their users.
Pinterest, for example, saw a massive resurgence this year by reinforcing its core mission of being a “platform of positivity” where users can go to be inspired. The company recently bolstered its brand safety efforts and positioning as a cheerful and safe place for advertisers, promoting the idea that the context in which a brand’s content appears truly does matter. TikTok followed a similar trajectory by making a broad push to roll out new features that can boost the development of educational content, enhance remote learning and enrich people’s lives. For other platforms like Facebook and YouTube, positivity and content utility has also become a higher priority in recent times..."

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Positivity Will Be the Buzzword on Social Platforms

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