5 Years of 5-Minute Crafts

Five years ago this week, TheSoul Publishing’s most popular brand 5-Minute Crafts published its first video -- a flower pot project on Facebook!

Who knew that in just five years it would become the most-watched DIY digital brand in the world with hundreds of millions followers across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and Snap! 5-Minute Crafts continues to reach new heights of popularity:

  • 5-Minute Crafts is a Top-10 channel on YouTube,

  • On Facebook it is one of only fifteen pages to surpass the 100 million follower milestone,

  • In a very short period, our following has grown rapidly on TikTok, where the platform recently called 5-Minute Crafts a “brand that inspired them.”

  • We’re also growing fast on Snap where we’re closing in on nine million followers.

And 5-Minute Crafts has been honored with numerous awards and nominations including The Streamy, The Drum, and Shorty Awards.

So we simply would like to take this moment to acknowledge and say thank you to all our fans -- you are incredible! Each day, we are so fortunate to digitally deliver 5-Minute Crafts' video content that brings smiles and fun to viewers all around the world.

The first five years have been tremendously exciting… and the next five even bigger!

Happy Birthday 5-Minute Crafts!!!