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TheSoul's Michael Boccacino Speaks at SocialDay 2021 on Developing Universal Content

Invited as a guest speaker to the SocialDay 2021 festival in London, Michael Boccacino, Director of Content Partnerships at TheSoul Publishing spoke to our company’s unique approach in developing universally enjoyed content.

Speaking to attendees from across Europe who specialize in social and digital media, the key takeaways from Michael's talk included:

  • Empower viewers at the micro-level by creating content featuring smaller everyday problems that viewers can actually solve.

  • Show people their own experiences. No matter where the live, viewers want to relate to one another through relatable content that depicts their shared experiences.

  • Make surprising content that continually delights your audiences.

  • Feel-good, relatable counter-programming alone isn’t enough. To build a global audience, you need to publish globally.

  • And don't take yourself too seriously. No matter what we’re making, we want our audience to have a good time.

Thank you Michael for participating and SocialDay for hosting this exciting 3-day conference!