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Leaders at TheSoul Publishing continue to share their insight and knowledge in the news. Check out some recent highlights:

Aleksandra Sulimko, TheSoul Publishing’s Chief Human Resources Officer shares with Fast Company on why now may be the perfect time for a company to implement an asynchronous approach.

Sulimko shares, “With the holidays approaching, scheduling meetings with all the pertinent players at the same time becomes even more challenging than usual. This is a great excuse to start testing out project management software that can help you go asynchronous. When teammates return from time off they can get themselves up to speed by reviewing the project and task details. This vital tool, in addition to a messaging app and a collaboration application, are all that’s really needed to effectively communicate asynchronously.”

In his latest contribution to the Forbes Council thought leadership platform, Victor Potrel, VP of Platform Partnership, discusses what key learnings from the gaming industry can be used by leading digital publishers such as TheSoul Publishing.

“It’s clear that digital publishing is still a young industry compared to gaming, but it’s also on a steep learning curve, and there’s much we can learn from our gaming cousins about viewer growth, engagement and monetization”.

Potrel also offers his perspective in the article 6 skills to master as a leader in the hybrid workplace (Business Insider).

And TheSoul Publishing’s Vice President of Operations, Patrik Wilkens is featured in leading business to business publishing site, What's New in Publishing. Patrik provides his thoughts on how the line between gaming and the wider entertainment space is becoming more blurred thanks to a rapidly growing digital first audience.

“While the pandemic may have inadvertently caused an explosion both in gaming and online video consumption, both trends look set to continue in 2022 and beyond. More than half of consumers in the UK (52%) spent between 30 minutes to three hours watching short online video content every day according to our own research from last year. Streaming platform Twitch experienced rapid growth in 2020, approaching three million monthly viewers worldwide.

But what’s perhaps more interesting for brands and marketers than the growth in these two audiences, is the ever-increasing convergence between them. Gaming companies are providing massive multiplayer online environments, which digital publishers like TheSoul Publishing are producing more and more content for. There are concerts happening in Fortnite and new virtual artists being created and launched in Avakin Life for example.”