TheSoul Publishing... In The News!

Check out leaders of TheSoul Publishing who are in the news this week!

  • TheSoul Publishing is leading the charge in innovating best practices for remote work. As Ben Lake reports in Forbes: “Leaders need to understand the practicalities involved, the skilling required, and the potential pitfalls that emerge.”

Aleksandra Sulimko, TheSoul Publishing's Human Resources Director shares with Ben, in the article 'How To Lead A Team In A Remote Work Environment, Successfully,' her insight into remote leadership in today's fast-evolving business environment.

"The first step in any content strategy should be to properly understand your audience and what they are looking for online. Recognizing the exact reasoning behind content’s appeal could be the difference between a successful video and a flop. From here, test and refine as you go along. While personalization is important, you need to make sure your content is still accessible to a global audience if that’s your goal."

  • Here's a social media trend to keep your eyes on -- bullet comments! Qiyao Lin, TheSoul Publishing's platform partnership lead in China, shares details on this emerging trend happening across social platforms in Asia. Will bullet comments take off throughout the rest of the world? Check out her article, 'Bullet Comments: The cross-cultural trend publishers need to know in' in What's New in Publishing, and decide for yourself.

Qiyao shares: "The first generation of internet users tended to use social platforms to exchange information. Newer generations are now using platforms intended to make that exchange more interactive and fun. Subsequently, young people are using technology more and more to show their personalities. Bullet comment culture is just one of those new and exciting mediums.

...Bullet comments provide a shift in the viewing experience because they allow viewers to become both the consumers of the video content and editors of the content simultaneously."

As an example, Aleksandra shares: "When it comes to culture, companies must show, not just tell. Explaining how great an organization is will be meaningless if there isn’t proof to back it up. Leaders must bring something unique to the table to give new joiners an idea of what the company is about. For example, videos by the creative team are integrated into the onboarding process at TheSoul Publishing, which has been hiring and onboarding remote workers for more than five years. These videos help new hires gain an understanding of what makes that organization special. Employers can tap into the expertise of their creative team to make something unique that truly shows who they are as an organization. These should focus less on highlighting the company’s revenue, perks or accolades, but instead on the purpose, DNA and future goals."