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Pivot to Video 2.0

COO of TheSoul Publishing, Arthur Mamedov, shares with ClickZ the factors of what's driving online video’s accelerated growth and how content creators need to adapt to the quickly evolving digital landscape.

Now is the time for publishers to innovate. The confluence of outside forces, from the state of the digital media market to the normalization of remote work, are signals that media companies must drive and adopt change quickly, just as other industries have done to meet the world’s current demands.
In order to ensure creative content is highly visible, publishers must come to understand how to leverage social media to amplify distribution. There is no single recipe, each will need to find their own balance.
Not only should content fit the platform, but publishers must be able to interpret viewing patterns, trends, and how people are engaging with content. At TheSoul Publishing, we debuted English-language channels on Pinterest and TikTok for “5-Minute Crafts” earlier this year, capitalizing on the desire for DIY and craft ideas during quarantine.


September 2, 2020

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