NASDAQ: The Power of a "No Meetings" Policy from a Company That Put It in Place

Are meetings negatively impacting your team's efficency at work? TheSoul Publishing's "no meetings" policy may be a fresh approach to consider. Our COO Arthur Mamedov explains how it works for us, and the steps you need to take to consider implementing it for your business. Check out the article on NASDAQ here.

Most companies use meetings in excess, and rather than helping teams to align on goals, meetings can create a “hurry up and wait” scenario. People have the tendency to hold off on taking action until the next touch-base, which creates bottlenecking. If employees are putting their individual tasks on hold to accommodate meetings, are spending hours on Zoom calls, and have little time for heads-down work, it’s a telltale sign there are too many meetings.
As a remote company with a global team of over 2000 located across 70 countries, employees of TheSoul Publishing collaborate with barely any meetings, without sending internal emails and instead communicate asynchronously. We’ve designed a process that allows for communication across time zones and where there is no need for everyone to be at their workspace at the same time. Employees work best without a forced schedule - and are most productive when they can connect with colleagues when they want and need to do so.
Rather than setting up meetings to project-manage, companies will have more success relying on asynchronous communication so employees can correspond and collaborate at their own pace - guided by the overall project timeframes.