How Can You Make The Creative Platform Economy Work For You?

The emerging "platform economy,” where economic and social activity is made possible by digital platforms, is actually helping to change the very nature of work. TheSoul Publishing's VP of Platform Partnerships, Victor Potrel, explains how this is significantly transforming the role of the producer or content creator in his latest thought leadership piece on Forbes.

"In the digital platform economy, the producer role changes to one of a mini-entrepreneur who navigates between different platforms and adds value with their contributions."
"If you're smart about how you utilize those platforms, you can create a competitive advantage for yourself and find new opportunities for success."
"Regardless of the industry you are in, you can make the most of the platform economy. First, identify which platforms your customers are using. Review this information on a regular basis, since new platforms can emerge quickly. Secondly, determine whether you've optimized your presence on these platforms: This is likely how a large portion of your customers will experience you, so make sure you understand how to look your best. Lastly, to further increase your presence, look to see if similar or competing platforms exist and what they can offer you."