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Content Celebrating Recycling, Gardening, & Upcycling Tops One Billion Views

With Earth Day 2022 upon us, we are celebrating the success of our fun recycling, gardening and upcycling content. Our brands like 5-Minute Recycle and 5-Minute Green have generated more than one billion views around our green themed content in 2021 alone.

So how did it begin? While 5-Minute Recycle now tops twenty million subscribers on TikTok and YouTube, it blossomed after our creative team noticed the growing popularity of green related content on 5-Minute Crafts. 5-Minute Recycle was born – allowing fans to discover cool and creative ways to reuse everyday items in their homes. And since launch, the 5-Minute Recycle TikTok page has generated more than 750 million views! Wow.

And we didn’t stop there!

5-Minute Green, featuring visual instructions for gardening and caring for plants, was launched as part of a TikTok's Instructive Accelerator Program, an initiative designed to showcase 'instructive and informative' videos from a select group of content creators.

Also, our planet related content is being featured on YouTube Kids' special Earth section throughout the month of April.

Our creative team loves the challenge of creating videos that both stimulate and entertain us at the same time! So roll up your sleeves and check out our assortment of recycling, gardening and upcycling content across TikTok, Instagram, Snap and more!