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The BBC Highlights TheSoul Publishing's Fresh Approach to the Modern Workplace

TheSoul Publishing's unique approach to the modern workplace continues to draw worldwide attention! The BBC published 'Does banning meetings help workers get back their time?' — highlighting our company's innovative asynchronous communication policy.

Victor Potrel hasn’t had a meeting in years. In 2019, when he began his executive role at digital-media company TheSoul Publishing working remotely from London, there were no lengthy inductions; all the information he needed was available via on-demand video. Nor did he need to block out hour-long calendar slots to liaise with his boss. Instead, he used Slack channels and software tools to get up to speed on various teams and ongoing projects.
To this day, there are no scheduled meetings at Potrel’s workplace. Rather, employees can book a direct one-on-one call with at least 24 hours’ notice in exceptional circumstances only. “It has to be a very specific goal, not a general brainstorm that you can do with other tools,” explains Potrel. “Most of the time, doing the preparatory work for a call makes you realise you don’t even need one.”

Business Insider also connected with TheSoul's Victor Potrel for insight into how transparency helps our 80% remote staff work effectively to accomplish tasks without micromanaging.

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