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A Pivotal Moment For AVOD

Great insight on the state of AVOD from TheSoul Publishing's Victor Potrel featured in Broadcasting & Cable. He speaks to both the current climate, as well as the benefits and future of AVOD (ad-based video on-demand) supported content.

  • "Getting into the AVOD business can also offer numerous other benefits, like access to a global user base that gives you instant feedback, and creative freedom. The primary feedback mechanism for AVOD is the ability to tap into the audience to guide creative decisions. Video metrics will enable you to clearly understand: Is the video performing to expectations? Does it create conversations? Are viewers liking it?"

  • "While SVOD services competition is heating up and driving prices down, AVOD is already a strong market, and has huge potential with Digital TV Research estimating that AVOD global revenue will reach $56 billion by 2024."

  • "In times like today where half of the world’s population is confined to some degree, there is a strong need for entertainment to help people get through a challenging time. It’s more important than ever to bring viewers fun and positive content that promotes mental wellness, home exercise and family activities in a way that’s easy to consume and highly accessible."

-- Victor Potrel, VP Platform Partnerships, TheSoul Publishing.

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