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2021 Hiring Rockets Up at TheSoul Publishing

TheSoul Publishing continues to grow at an incredible pace!! We are proud to announce another amazing milestone -- we’ve hired more than 1,000 new teammates in 2021 accelerating our global talent by +60% over the last year. The accomplishment further exemplifies TheSoul’s position as one of the industry’s fastest growing digital companies.

First and foremost, we’d like to welcome each of them to the team. They work in various departments, and sit all around the globe -- just standard procedure for a worldwide content creator that’s been pioneering remote work for the last five years.

And don’t expect the growth to slow down in 2022! We’re actively hiring and you can join us on our journey by visiting our career page to see a wide range of open positions.

TheSoul Publishing continues to showcase engaging and positive video content by tapping into crave-worthy consumer trends including cutting-edge 3D technology, stop motion, live-action, music videos, inspirational craft projects, and vibrant animation.

Thank you to our 1 billion+ followers for continuing to support our fun content and to our newcomers all around the world for helping to bring TheSoul to the next level.