Polar is a singer who represents the teenage rebel, relatable to the young audience. There is a surge of freedom in every song and dance, and she hides her real identity on stage behind a mask.

We aim to help our audience recognize their potential and motivate them to stop sitting on the sideline and start acting!


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Check out Polar’s track ‘Close To You’

The pop star recently broke through the 315,000 subscriber barrier on YouTube, an incredible achievement in just four months.

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The music video for her first track, "Close To You" has already topped four million views on YouTube. Polar's TikTok has amassed over 1.2M followers, attracting more than 10,000 followers a day. 

Inspired by pioneers like APOKI and Miquela, Polar has seen what virtual artists can do and taken that performance to a whole new level, already surpassing their followings in a much shorter period of time.

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