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5-Minute Crafts


The most-watched DIY digital brand in the world.

5-Minute Crafts  is known around the globe for its positive, fun, and quirky DIY crafts. Videos on this channel are sure to inspire and ignite the creative sparks within all of us!



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What is 5-Minute Crafts?

5-Minute Crafts showcases creative hacks, crafts and demonstrates a variety of fun solutions to everyday problems.



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5-Minute Crafts FAQs

Where is 5-Minute Crafts from?

While our headquarters are in Cyprus our team works remotely from 70 countries across the globe. A 5-Minute Crafts video starts life in ideation from one of our many creators around the world, it is then filmed and brought to life from one of our state-of-the-art studios in Limassol, Riga or Budapest.

Who created 5-Minute Crafts?

5-Minute Crafts was created in 2016 by TheSoul Publishing to respond to consumers' appetite for light-hearted, entertaining content. 5-Minute Crafts is owned by TheSoul Publishing and its global team works to create content that is beloved by millions of people daily.

is 5-Minute Crafts kid friendly?

5-Minute Crafts reaches hundreds of millions of viewers, many of whom are parents. Parents enjoy the content themselves or watch alongside their children, who are also entertained by the DIY crafts, experiments, and family activities that they can do together.

Who are the actors and talent behind 5-Minute Crafts?

It takes a village to make a fun 5-Minue Craft video, from ideation, to set design, to props, videographers, editing and our actors. Get to know more about two of our 5- Minute Craft actors, Artur and Irina in this interview from our Cyprus headquarters.

How many 5-Minute crafts channels are there?

The 5-Minute Crafts universe is constantly evolving and expanding! The family of popular 5-Minute Craft brands include:

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